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Z-Wave USB Stick with battery
Plats: Genväg till Startsidan /Home Automation/Z-Wave/Z-Wave USB Stick with battery
Z-Wave USB Stick with battery


The Aeon Labs USB Adapter connects a PC to a Z-Wave network using the USB interface. The unit conveys the USB signals to a serial interface and does therefore need a device driver for this conversion function.  The operating system and the Z-Wave capable home automation software recognize the device as virtual serial interface. PC software communicates with the device via this serial port using a serial API-protocol of Z-Wave, which is described in the document “Z-Wave Application Programmers Guide, INS10247”. This standard protocol of Z-Wave is used by many home automation software solutions such as 

IP Symcon
Embedded Automation

All software solutions using the Zen-Sys standard library zwave.dll for Microsoft Windows are compatible with this adapter. The Aeon Labs USB adapter has an integrated battery, so that one can use the device as inclusion controller controlled by a local push button. The unit can include and exclude devices by pressing this push button. Connected to a PC the device will convey all network data to the PC software. 

Attention: Although all Z-Wave capable software solutions work with the serial API for Z-Wave and can work with this PC-adapter, some software packages may require a certain PC-adapter for licensing reasons. The use of this PC-adapter may fail in this case. 
Technical Data: 
Wireless behaviour: transmitter and receiver depending on software solution
OS -Support:

    • Windows XP, Vista, 98
    • Linux
    • Mac OS
  • Z-Wave type: static controller
  • Distance: up to 50 m
  • Display: LED with different blinking frequencies
  • Interface: USB
  • Local operations: one push button for inclusion and exclusion
  • Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery, recharged via USB interface




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Produkt Kod: ZSTICK2
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