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Kategorier: 42
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Kirk 300 Wireless DECT Server
Plats: Genväg till Startsidan /IP-Telefoni/DECT/VoIP/Kirk 300 Wireless DECT Server
Kirk 300 Wireless DECT Server


The KIRK Wireless Server 300 is the ideal choice for small businesses using the SIP protocol and with a need for a maximum of 12 wireless users and up to 4 simultaneously calls.

The infrastructure of the KIRK Wireless Server 300 consists only of the server itself and the KIRK Handsets, making it very simple to get the business wireless running.

Small businesses with large geographical areas and multiple floors can extend radio coverage by adding one or more KIRK repeaters to the KIRK Wireless Server 300 - and also small businesses with multiple locations can easily offer mobility benefits to their employees by installing KWS300 at each location.

Businesses with different needs can choose any KIRK Handset all of which can be subscribed to the KIRK Wireless Server 300.

The KIRK Wireless Server 300 not only eliminates the need for non-standard cabling, it also simplifies administration and maintenance, reduces costs and improves employee mobility and remote connectivity.

•  Designed for simple installation and coverage scalability via repeaters
•  Up to 12 Wireless Users
•  IP interface based on SIP protocol
•  Power over Ethernet
•  Browser Confguration Option
•  Text messaging application support

Supported Codecs:
•    G.711 alaw
•    G.711 ulaw

Network and Provisioning:
•   10/100Mbps Ethernet port
•   Manual or dynamic host confguration protocol (DHCP) network setup
•   Time and date synchronization using NTP
•   Event logging
•   LED status indication

Radio Interface
•   Full slot DECT RF part (12 channels)
•   RF Output 20 to 24 dBm at antenna connection
•   Sensitivity: typical -90 dBm measured at antenna connection at BER =0.001
•   Typical range indoor: 20-50 m, outdoor 300 m.
•   ETSI DECT (1880-1900 Mhz)

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Pris: SEK:2995.00

Produkt Kod: KWS300