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Produkter: 138
Kategorier: 42
Priser: Svenska Kronor
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Plats: Genväg till Startsidan /IP-Telefoni/Telefonväxlar/WisperPBX-50


The WisperPBX-50 is our compact embedded OpenSourceEdition Asterisk Appliance Kit!

Freely mix any standard SIP, IAX2 compatible soft or hard phone and you will have the most flexible, cost efficient and futureproof PBX system available on the market today!

WisperPBX-50 is primarily an IP-Only PBX, but has two internal expansion slots for OpenVox Analog(FXS/FX0) or Digital (ISDN BRI/PRI) or Wi-Fi miniPCI-cards.
Technical specifications
- 100% Flash based Firmware for stable and 100% silent operation. (No fans or moving parts!)
- Two USB 2.0 ports. Use any standard USB 2.0 external thumbdrive for Configuration, Voice Mail and IVR (not included!)
- Two 10/100 Mbit/s WAN port for QoS
- Two miniPCI slots for Analog / Digital / Wi-Fi interface cards
- 12VDC operation enables mobile applications
- Low power operation (only ~6W!)

- Optimized Debian based Linux realtime OS - WisperOS 
- Handles ~5-15 simultaneous calls (w/o codec translations)
- GPL'd  sources available

Contents in kit:
1 pcs ALIX2x2  (500MHz/256MB RAM, 2 USB2.0, 1 WAN/1 LAN port, 9-pol Serial D-Sub)
1 pcs CompactFlash (1GB) with preinstalled WisperPBX Edition software
1 pcs Silver enclosure
1 pcs 220VAC/12VDC power supply

Available options:
- A400M - 4 port miniPCI Analog card
- B200M - 2 port miniPCI Digital ISDN BRI card
- WML54G - Wireless 802.11 b/g (Wi-Fi) miniPCI card (with QoS support)

Note: Delivered as an kit, but installs in just ~10 minutes!

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Pris: SEK:1997.00

Produkt Kod: PBX50
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