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Produkter: 138
Kategorier: 42
Priser: Svenska Kronor
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"Anti-FRA" Firewall
Plats: Genväg till Startsidan /Embedded/Byggsatser/"Anti-FRA" Firewall
"Anti-FRA" Firewall


The WisperWall "Anti-FRA" Bundle(tm)" protects your Internet traffic from the prying eyes of the Government* and others!

*(This is our answer to the new highly controversial Swedish "Citizen Spy-law" that allows the Swedish Government branch (FRA) to tap into and analyze all Internet traffic passing the Swedish borders)

Our WisperWall "Anti-FRA" Bundle enables you to quickly setup secure encrypted Site-to-Site VPN tunnels between your company’s offices or between your home(office) to main office etc.

The bundle includes two small, powerful and yet 100% silent embedded 3-ports ALIX SBC's, running the ever-so popular pfSense open source firewall software, where you can use IPSec and/or OpenVPN to setup secure protected access to your sensitive information going in/out of your company, at the same time you will also get very advanced routing and firewall features usually seen on much more expensive products!

The bundle comes with two WisperWall appliances , built and flashed with pfSense version 1.2, you only need to configure** them according to your likening.
**Please contact us for price on custom configurations and /or support on the pfSense software.

Technical specifications:

CPU: 433 MHz Geode
RAM: 128 Mb
FLASH: 128Mb

Three 10/100 Mbit/s ethernet ports
Serial port for console access

Power:: 12VDC / 1.2A

Software (pfSense):

·  Web interface (supports SSL)

·  Serial console interface for recovery

  • Set LAN IP address
  • Reset password
  • Restore factory defaults
  • Reboot system

·  Wireless support 

·  Stateful packet filtering

  • Block/Pass rules
  • Logging

·  NAT/PAT (including 1:1)

·  DHCP client, PPPoE and PPTP support on the WAN interface

·  IPsec VPN tunnels

·  OpenVPN site-to-site tunnels

·  PPTP VPN (with RADIUS server support)

·  Static routes

·  DHCP server

·  Saching DNS forwarder

·  DynDNS client

·  SNMP agent

·  Traffic shaper

·  Firmware upgrade through the web browser

·  Configuration backup/restore

·  Host/network aliases

·  VLAN support

·  Advanced graphing

·  Captive portal

·  Load balancing

·  Plug-ins for added features

... and much more!




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Pris: SEK:3995.00

Produkt Kod: ANTI-FRA
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